This morning I went to babysit for james at his house. His mom had to go to the DMV. She didn’t have too much trouble, but when she got back I tried to explain about Christopher Durang’s DMV Tyrant to her.

Jerrod told me yesterday that someone needed to be at my house and open the door when I told him I’d be babysitting in the morning. so I knew a surprise was coming to my house and I hoped it would be there when I got home so I wouldn’t have to wait until I got home. My clues were the colors; that it had pink, silver(the color, not the metal), and red.

When I got in the door there was a box on the kitchen table that said woohoo! flowers! I opened up the box and there were adorable little pink and red and yellow roses wrapped in a heart print paper. There was a tie on the bouqet which made it a bit of a challenge to open, but I finally got them out and looked at them. Lovely! But I didn’t see what was silver. I thought maybe the box or the paper, but no. I didn’t suppose it mattered, so I text messaged him and then he called me. I told him I got it, but where was the silver?

Apparently I was supposed to get a big chocolate kiss too, and Jerrod was a bit upset about me not getting it. It is okay, though. The flowers are so nice.

Tomorrow we are going to go have a picnic and I’m lobbying for more gift hints.

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