Be Mine

I am just waiting for my sister to be ready to go to disneyland. I have to drop off some papers to my dad at work, and then meet my aunt and cousin at the park. She wants to buy pins and I have the good discount.

Saturday was really great. I made strawberry cupcakes, using egg whites instead of the whole egg to preserve the color and put white chocolate chips in them, and I put on chocolate frosting and pink sugar crystals on top. Jerrod came over and we went to the grocery store and got sandwich stuff, and to the strawberry stand(I love strawberries) and we went and had a picnic. We went to carbon canyon park and had a fun picnic with lots of neat things. But then some ants started to get on my cupcakes and we had to rescue them. then we sat in the sun and ate strawberries.

We went back to my house to put away the leftover food, and then we went shopping at old navy!  mostly because jerrod needed new pants, but that is okay. I got to pick them out and now he has some green pants too. and then I got to pick out something and I picked out a green lounging outfit with capri length pants and a matching zip up hoodie. it also doubles as beachwear and just a regular sweatshirt. neat!

We didn’t want to be subjected to eating ribs at my house, so we went out and had del taco and waited till they would be mostly done, I thought. Oh yes, and for my gift, Jerrod got me the Anne of Green Gables DVD!!!

So then we went home and Jerrod set up his PS2 and we played a game, so that my family would be impressed about the game that he is working on.

must go now!

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