The Sims 2 goods

Okay, so now I feel ready to impart a few discoveries and tips to you all about The Sims 2.

firstly, essential cheats
to use a cheat hit ctrl+shift+c
Motherlode – the best money cheat. adds $100,000 simoleans to your Sim’s account.
Moveobjects (on) – lets you move and delete things you wouldn’t normally be able to, such as spills

get them a crib and a changing table. It seems best if the baby is in the same room with the parents. I put another crib in the kitchen so that they can put the baby down while she cooks, and while they’re eating. To feed the baby, click on the refridgerator and get bottle. Make sure both parents hold and cuddle and play with the baby. Try to change the baby on the changing table because if you don’t, you’ll end up with a dirty diaper on the floor. You can bathe the baby in the sink.

Your toddler sim now has it’s own wants and fears, and needs that you can look at. There are only a few days until your toddler becomes a kid. try to keep their aspiration and mood up. If they have their birthday and turn into a kid with their aspiration level low, they can start off as pretty crazy kids. Get them a high chair, they’ll now be able to (sort of) eat with the family. They can now play with toys as well. Blocks give them logic points, and the toy xylophone gives them creativity. You’ll of course want to try to teach them to talk, walk, and potty train them. The potty training is actually easier than it seems. get them a toddler potty, and when their bladder level gets low, have one of the parents potty train them. For walking and talking, have one of the parents select “teach to walk” or talk, and they’ll work on it for a while. For some reason, my sims didn’t think this was fun and if their fun level wasn’t high, they wouldn’t do it for very long. Toddlers are cute and can crawl around on the floor, and follow their parents. Parents can also play with their toys with them and read to them.

The hardest thing for both kids and teens is getting them to do their homework. This took me a while to figure out, but when they first come home from school, watch them carefully. They carry what looks like a spiral notebook and they go and put it down on the floor somewhere. usually in a room that’s something like a study. They’ll put it in the same place every day. You’ll need to raise their mood levels before they will do their homework. The lowest one after school is usually fun. Some quick ways for them to gain fun are watching tv, dancing, and playing a game on the computer. When their levels are reasonable, they should do their homework. They can do their homework or ask for help with homework. Parents can help with homework by clicking the homework. They can really cook with that toy oven. It makes, like, muffins.


Teen sims are interesting. They can do most of the things adult sims can do such as cook, but they’re still in school and still limited. Teen sims have aspirations. Sims with a Popularity aspiration will have different wants and fears than a sim with a Family aspiration. Teen sims can now flirt, have their first kiss, and propose to go steady. If you notice your teen having pimples, go to a mirror and use acne cream. I’m really freaked out by how gross these sim zits look, so I have them use it every time they go near a mirror if they get them. Like kids and toddlers, make sure their aspiration rate is up, especially when they’re about to become adults. Also make sure they do their homework and go to school in a good mood.

Sims 2 computer
In The Sims 2, they can do alot more with their computers. They can play a game, write or check email, buy groceries, chat, and find their own place to live. Adults can also write a novel.

Sims 2 for 1
watch tv on “the yummy channel” – raises fun and gains cooking skill
paint or play piano – fun and creativity
play chess – fun and logic

swimming – fun and body
write novel on the computer – fun and creativity
chatting – fun and social

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