We’re supposed to be leaving for our cruise today, but Jerrod can’t find his birth certificate and now we can’t go! Yes, my boyfriend’s company is taking everyone on a cruise leaving today. A weekend cruise to mexico, and we were all set to go, I even have my boarding passes and everything. But if you don’t have a passport you have to bring your birth certificate, and he can’t find his. He was looking all last night and all this morning and now it’s 1pm and we were supposed to start boarding at 1:30.

I am so sad. We’d been looking forward to this since like last May. This was going to be my first cruise and we had an excursion booked to go see where they filmed Titanic, and It’s been raining like crazy here which is not normal, but I checked the weather and it’s not supposed to rain again all weekend. I got new pink luggage, and I’m all dressed in my new outfit, and now we’re not going.

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