Kids these days

Kids today compared to when you were a kid

I’ll be 22 in June. We always had a computer or two, at least at my grandparents’ house which is where I actually spent most of my time. Actually, I think they might still be in the closet somewhere. I wasn’t intune enough to know their specs at the time, but one was an IBM type with the yellow/black screen and a dot matrix printer that you could make banners on when someone had a birthday or came home with a new baby. The other was an apple that seemed to mostly play games, it had a green screen. My grandpa was an engineer.

I don’t know, I think that part of things like computers being incorporated into our lives is that we take them for granted. I mean, think of the things that we take for granted that people in past generations didn’t have? refridgerators, microwaves, etc.

I grew up and went to school in Orange County, CA

When I was little I’d play with dolls, barbies combined with other small toys like my little pony and quints. and when I was old enough I read. I read alot. I have two younger sisters.

I have a cousin whose 8. She’s my uncle’s daughter, and her mother started leaving them and other behavior like that when she was 2. Sidney(cousin) is a very smart girl, but she’s not always respectful. I think part of the problem is that my grandma always lets her get away with things. She says it’s because Sidney always has to go where she’s told and doesn’t have a choice. She’s a kid, that’s what you do when you’re a kid. You go home when your parents say it’s time to go home. I don’t understand why she’s allowed to watch pet ER while we’re having dinner.

We first got internet access in I think 1995. Maybe early ’94. We got dial-up and I used netscape 3.0

when I see the jr high kids walking down the street after school, I think it looks about the same as when I was their age. I mean, styles have changed but there are some kids who dress younger, and some who try to dress older, like when I was their age.

But school seems to have changed. Even high school is different from when I left it. I graduated in 2001, and my younger sisters currently go to the high school I attended. There are more dress code rules. My freshman year in high school there were, like, three dress code rules. There are more graduation requirements. I was fortunate enough to graduate before Algebra 1 was required which is lucky because I failed the second semester of it like three times. There’s this test now that you have to pass to graduate, although my sister said she already took it and it’s easy. Even the policies for picking kids up from school are different. Now siblings can’t pick up students without a note from the parents. Or they call the parents for confirmation, even if they’re going home sick through the nurse’s office(that’s the one that seems silly to me. I mean, I’m on her emergency card. She went through the nurse, they called me to pick her up… you still need to talk to my mom?)

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