1 Assassins, 3 Wicked ringtones

These are the full audio ringtones, each about 30 seconds long. There are two formats, the first is the mp3/mid format which I know works for my LG VX7000 phone with verizon. I hear the VX6100 also uses the same format. The other is the “purevoice” .qcp format which seems to be used by alot of sprint phones. If you don’t know what your phone uses, I suggest just experimenting. If you want to preview the ringtones, you’ll need to play the mp3/mid format.

Simply download the ringtone, and for verizon, email it to your phone’s text messages using the format with the ringtone attatched. When you open the message with your phone it should start playing the tone, and you can save the sound from there. Once saved, you can set it to ringtones as you desire.

These ringtones are in the .qcp format that most sprint phones seem to use. You can upload these to your phone using a free uploader, such as this one or this one. I don’t have a sprint phone, so I can’t test these, so please let me know if they work for you or not, etc.

Assassins – Everybody’s Got the Right [mp3/mid] [qcp]
Wicked – What Is This Feeling [mp3/mid] [qcp]
Wicked – Popular [mp3/mid] [qcp]
Wicked – I’m Not That Girl [mp3/mid] [qcp]

4 replies on “1 Assassins, 3 Wicked ringtones”

Hi, I love your Smallville and Narnia colorbars, I was wondering if you can tell me where I can found the Clark’s pic that you used in the colorbar?… please ^^

See ya.


sorry if this isnt allowed here, but i was wondering if your community themedmix, would be affiliates with mine, ? Please let me know. Thanks.


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