PC Update Extravaganza

Today started off a bit of computer upgrading/building madness. I’m building an HTPC(Home Theater PC)/HD PVR for my parents, and must of the parts are here now. I also got an extra hard drive for my computer. One of the nice Seagate 400 gb ones I’ve been admiring for a while now. I also got a new power supply, and one for my sister’s computer which has been apparently turning off on it’s own, so hopefully that will help. Nice ones, 500 watt with wrapped cables, extra fan, and of course lots of connectors so I can finally add more hard drives. I also decided to try the PlusDeck in my computer first, instead of installing it in my parents’ HTPC. The PlusDeck will allow me to convert my old audio tapes to mp3 format. I needed a bit of a break because I’ve been at it all day and my fingers are starting to feel raw.

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