Pink Linux Box: Part 4

So I decided that I need to do the stencil in 2 parts, so here I am doing the S part of it on the side of the case.

Stencil Ready

Stencil Sprayed

Success! not perfect, but I think it looks pretty good.

I waited for the stencil to dry and did one on the top too.

I taped it down more this time and I think I actually got a little more under the edges. I think it was the angle, though. I’m not very tall.

I think it’ll still look good once I get the border part on, though. I may also go over it with the original color to clean up some of the spots that the light pink got through.

And I did actually have to put on some sunblock to go outside and paint, because it’s 100 degrees outside on our patio.

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