Pink Supergirl Linux Box: Part 6

Okay, the top coat is on and dry, and I’m ready to assemble!

Here I am, ready to start.

Me with the Motherboard.

CPU! This is an Athlon XP 2800+

I put in the CPU

I RAM! I’ve got two sticks of 256mb each.

Snapping in the RAM that I

I predict that this crazy sound card snagged out of my dad’s old PC will be the bane of my existance. It’s a Creative SoundBlaster Audigy.

Securing the Hard Drive.

Channel your inner Back to the Future cast member. “Those things don’t work on water!”

“Unless you’ve got POWer”

Cables everywhere…

Turning on the power.

Here I am with my new box!

I have successfully installed Kubuntu Linux onto my new box. I booted with System Rescue CD first to wipe the drive because it was my younger sister’s old drive and who knows what could be on there. Then I had no problem installing Kubuntu with the dvd I burned from the iso. It looks so pretty! I named the computer Comet, the name of Supergirl’s horse.

I set the new box up to use a KVM so it’s working fine sharing the keyboard and monitor with my Windows box, but I did have some trouble with the mouse, so I just have two different mice plugged in for now, and I’ll look into that later.

Here’s a screenshot for my Kubuntu desktop on my new machine. I was quite pleased with how configurable it is. I was easily able to create and use a pink fading pattern on the panel(at the bottom). I was pleasantly surprised when I pressed print screen and a little box popped up, allowing me to save the screenshot as a png!

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