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I *heart* Web 2.0

I do, I totally Web 2.0 sites, the concept behind them, community, open source, web-based content, no paper! hooray! So I’m attempting to learn to use Ajax in the hopes of being able to use it for my own projects. Yesterday I got to print my own check from a logo I made. That was pretty fun. It had all the thrill of printing my own money, yet it was legal. Normally, though, I try to avoid printing. My uncle is getting married next month, and although I’m perfectly happy to design things like invitations, the actual printing of said invitations is dubious. I can handle printing ordinary card sized invitations, I’m just glad I don’t have to mail them. Mailing is the true evil. I already intend on building my own website software to run my future wedding site including invitations and RSVP system and everything in the hopes that I will not have to use paper invitations with actual mailing involved. I hate mailing things. Plus it’ll be alot easier when my guest list is stored in a MySQL database. I used to think I’d have to mail to the few hold-outs without email… but I can’t think of any now. Hooray!

Oh well, I love Web 2.0. It seems that every day there’s something else new and shiny to check out on the various tech and Web 2.0 blogs. Does anyone have a Vox invitation? I really fancy having one…

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