80GB iPod is Here

Yesterday morning, I woke up early to watch the engadget and ilounge websites reload every few seconds and find out the new apple announcement. I wasn’t really expecting the “true video ipod” but I was hoping for an upgrade in the ipod capacity, and I got my wish! The current ipods got an 80gb version, longer battery life, and some other stuff including games you can buy. I’m also excited about the new nanos which are so cute. I still have my pink ipod mini, and I’ve always really loved the look and formfactor and had hoped that they would come out with higher capacity versions. I understand why the black only comes in the 8gb nano, but shouldn’t the top paying nano get the widest choice of colors? I’m looking forward to the 80gb anyway. But I think the new nanos would be great for my mom, whose 1st gen blue ipod mini is acting a bit fussy these days. Also, I can’t believe how tiny the new shuffle is! I can’t wait to see it in person, just to look at the size. We can’t forget the price drop either. Good job staying with the times. See the new iPods.
Of course, iTunes 7 was also announced with alot of  neat looking ne w features, and of course the movie store. One exciting thing about the iTunes store is that they upped the resolution of the purchased videos from 320×240 to 640×480 which is near DVD resolution. In fact, that’s the resolution I use when I encode my own videos. I haven’t upgraded my iTunes yet because of what happened last time. When iTunes 6 came out, I was so excited to see the new video store that I installed it right away, but it broke jhymn. So I’m not going to upgrade until I hear a bit more about it in use.
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