Back to School Desktop Wallpapers

As aforementioned, I was having trouble choosing a desktop wallpaper. I still haven’t chosen, but I did make a few. The following are Back to School themed wallpapers in two widescreen sizes. I’ve also decided not to make non-widescreen ones anymore. I figure that between the sizes they’re big enough to strech or center or crop if you want to for your non-widescreen display. I just know in a little while I’m going to be going; “What was I doing making all these square wallpapers?” The clipart is from PC Crafter a couple years ago.

Also, Jerrod recently started a new blog. If you are interested in games or gaming at all, check out his blog, mini-boss.

1280×800 1680×1050

1280×800 1680×1050

1280×800 1680×1050

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