First Crochet Booties


I made these booties for my aunt Erika’s baby shower for my new little cousin Zachary. It’s my first pair of booties, and also my first finished crochet project. My mom had shown me a few years ago, but I had never made anything but a misshapen square.Gramma made the pom-poms.

I couldn’t remember how to get started so I followed the beginning tutorials in a book and learned the basic stitches. I looked up a video on youtube if I was unclear from the written instructions. Once I had a a long block of all my test stitches I started on my booty pattern. My first try didn’t come out right. The next morning I showed my grandma and though she’s more of a knitter, she was able to clear some things up in the pattern. The second one came out fine, we sewed it up and put on the pom-pom. My next one came out alot bigger than the first, so I had to do it again and that one matched.

I didn’t tell my mom I had made them until Erika opened them at the shower, and she was really surprised.

I’m hoping to make some Christmas presents by crochet.

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