Prayer for Grandparents

My grandfather, Papa, needs immediate and unceasing prayer.

On Tuesday he tested with low blood levels(anemic) and the doctor ordered a blood transfusion for him for the next day.

On Wednesday he was at the hospital most of the day and received two units of blood. He was brought home that night. He was very weak and drowsy but we put him to bed hoping he would feel better the next day. They said it should take 24 hours for the new blood to get around and we waited through Thursday, doing our best to care for him.

Last night we didn’t think he was recovering like he should. We agreed that he should go back to the hospital where he could at least get full care through the night before getting a consultation with his doctor in the morning.

At the hospital they did a scan and found that he has blood on his brain. He must have hit his head at some point during a fall and I’m not clear on how it works, but the coumedan(blood thinning medication) caused it to puddle instead of clot.

Please pray for healing for Papa. Please pray also for our family, especially Gramma for calming. She can get very worried and anxious and easily wear herself out. The last time Papa was in the hospital, she got severe pneumonia and had to be hospitalized for a month.

My uncle took Gramma back to the hospital this morning and I haven’t heard anything new yet.

Papa is so smart, it’s hard to think of anything being wrong with his brain. He was an engineer at Rockwell when they made rockets and missiles, and he has a great dry wit.

Please pray for healing for Papa, wisdom for his caretakers, and calming for Gramma and my family.

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