Thanksgiving 2010

My Thanksgiving turned out great. Jerrod and I helped Gramma with the turkey and it came out nicely. My rolls came out really well and it was my first time doing the mashed potatoes. I did them in two batches because they wouldn’t all fit in my mixer bowl, and the second batch was a little creamier than I intended, but they were really good. Papa used to do the potatoes every year, so I’m excited to be able to carry that on.

My dad was sick with a virus and didn’t come over so as to contain his illness. I’m thankful for that(though I missed him being there). It’s awful to get sick while you’re pregnant!

We read Psalm 33. I broke it up into sections and we went around the table with everyone reading some. Gramma requested reading around the table. She also wanted to sing the Doxology("Praise God from whom all blessings flow") as our prayer.

After most people went home I watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with Jerrod.

Despite being our first Thanksgiving without Papa, it was a really good day. We are descended from two people who came on the Mayflower, and it’s so exciting to think of how far ahead God planned for them. Jerrod and I actually went to Plymouth(where the pilgrims landed) for our honeymoon.

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