Meal Plan Monday

Many times a couple of days get changed on my meal plan. Last week almost every day was altered. But was it a fail? I still made dinner and I cleaned out the freezer a bit. Last week, this is what happened.

  • Monday
    • Planned: Butter Herb Italian Pasta with Ground Turkey, Broccoli
    • Reality: I realized the milk had expired. So instead of making a cream sauce a made a bake of pasta, ground turkey, and broccoli in creamy marinara topped with cheese.
  • Tuesday
    • Planned: Tacos, Corn
    • Reality: I discovered we needed to try not to go to the store this week if possible and alter things slightly. I clean out the freezer and bake Trader Joe’s chicken strips and Trader Joe’s garlic fries. We still had the corn and I added smoothies(strawberry/banana/pineapple juice).
  • Wednesday
    • Planned: Baked Chicken, Green Beans, Rice Pilaf
    • Reality: Still on my “don’t go shopping” challenge, I had no chicken. We hadn’t had the planned tacos so I still had the cooked meat for that in the freezer. I made a somewhat rice pilaf like stovetop taco rice one pan dinner with rice, ground beef, onions and corn, topped with sour cream and cheese, and we still had green beans.
  • Thursday
    • Planned: Macaroni & Cheeseburger*, Salad
    • Reality: The no-shopping challenge was ended and we needed something from the Apple store, so we had dinner at the mall food court.
  • Friday: Pizza

So we didn’t try the Macaroni & Cheeseburger last week. We’ll have to try again this week. Here’s what I’m hoping will happen.

  • Monday – Halloween! We are going to the “Block Party” at my friends’ church. There are supposed to be four gourmet food trucks there, so we will eat at the church.
  • Tuesday – Macaroni & Cheeseburger, Salad
  • Wednesday – Chicken, Loaded Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans
  • Thursday – Leftovers Fried Rice (whatever meat and veggies are available, I will put them in an egg fried rice)
  • Friday – Going to a community meetup, so I’m not making dinner.

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