Be Mine

I am just waiting for my sister to be ready to go to disneyland. I have to drop off some papers to my dad at work, and then meet my aunt and cousin at the park. She wants to buy pins and I have the good discount.

Saturday was really great. I made strawberry cupcakes, using egg whites instead of the whole egg to preserve the color and put white chocolate chips in them, and I put on chocolate frosting and pink sugar crystals on top. Jerrod came over and we went to the grocery store and got sandwich stuff, and to the strawberry stand(I love strawberries) and we went and had a picnic. We went to carbon canyon park and had a fun picnic with lots of neat things. But then some ants started to get on my cupcakes and we had to rescue them. then we sat in the sun and ate strawberries.

We went back to my house to put away the leftover food, and then we went shopping at old navy!  mostly because jerrod needed new pants, but that is okay. I got to pick them out and now he has some green pants too. and then I got to pick out something and I picked out a green lounging outfit with capri length pants and a matching zip up hoodie. it also doubles as beachwear and just a regular sweatshirt. neat!

We didn’t want to be subjected to eating ribs at my house, so we went out and had del taco and waited till they would be mostly done, I thought. Oh yes, and for my gift, Jerrod got me the Anne of Green Gables DVD!!!

So then we went home and Jerrod set up his PS2 and we played a game, so that my family would be impressed about the game that he is working on.

must go now!



This morning I went to babysit for james at his house. His mom had to go to the DMV. She didn’t have too much trouble, but when she got back I tried to explain about Christopher Durang’s DMV Tyrant to her.

Jerrod told me yesterday that someone needed to be at my house and open the door when I told him I’d be babysitting in the morning. so I knew a surprise was coming to my house and I hoped it would be there when I got home so I wouldn’t have to wait until I got home. My clues were the colors; that it had pink, silver(the color, not the metal), and red.

When I got in the door there was a box on the kitchen table that said woohoo! flowers! I opened up the box and there were adorable little pink and red and yellow roses wrapped in a heart print paper. There was a tie on the bouqet which made it a bit of a challenge to open, but I finally got them out and looked at them. Lovely! But I didn’t see what was silver. I thought maybe the box or the paper, but no. I didn’t suppose it mattered, so I text messaged him and then he called me. I told him I got it, but where was the silver?

Apparently I was supposed to get a big chocolate kiss too, and Jerrod was a bit upset about me not getting it. It is okay, though. The flowers are so nice.

Tomorrow we are going to go have a picnic and I’m lobbying for more gift hints.



this morning I was subbing at MOPS. I was in the young two year olds and it went okay for the most part. a couple of criers but mostly just at the beginning and end. then when the lunch bunch came, there were three little babies. we can’t really put them down in the two year old room because the floor’s not as clean, so I was holding Garret the whole time and he’s particularly squirmy. Good thing my hair was up, as the babies tend to grab it. I’m kind of tired but my mom has got a new job. hooray! and I’m going to apply for a new job. woohoo!

last night I did some adjustments to

I added the shoutbox, playlist(with blog related songs) and two tutorials.



we went to the zoo yesterday. I’m trying to decide what stuff I’m going to put on this site. I mean, I’ve got the board, and store and whatnot. I think I’m going to put up some of the tutorials I’ve previously written and have saved somewhere. links to stuff. I’m not sure what else.

we went to the zoo yesterday. we saw prarie dogs and little monkeys and these pretty kind of long necked gazelles and kangaroos and sea lions and meerkats and giraffes and an elephant and best of all, lions. there was a male and female lion lying there and the male lion was facing us. I had my narnia radio plays playing in my car again, and it had just finished the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. I was imagining the scene where Aslan leaps on the White Witch. The scene where the children were seeing them together, the golden face, and the dead white face. the contrast. and then I was thinking of the 2nd Chapter of Acts Narnia song, I’ve Heard The Stars Sing Before. That’s such a neat song. I love the part where it goes “so lay down your life and recieve His and live!” it’s so cool. It feels like a battle cry.

Jerrod started at Insomniac today. he text messaged me and it seems like he likes it alot. And he’s getting to work on one of his favorite games’ sequels.

also, see my new Felicite wishlist here


Tuesday is for Twosomes

Who are the two people…

1. That annoy you the most? Why? decline to state 😉
2. That inspire you the most? Why? hmm. C.S. Lewis because he’s my favorite author and his books never fail to make me cry or turn to scripture or understand something, or help someone else to understand, whether I’m reading a Narnia book or Screwtape Letters. and Fanny Crosby because she wrote over 6,000 hymns and she was the first woman to address congress and a whole bunch of other neat things. You could tell where her priorities were; “To God be the glory, great things He hath done.”
3. That you would love to trade places with? Why? Christy Carlson Ramono because she gets to be Kim Possible and Belle on Broadway. I love the Broadway show of Beauty and the Beast.
4. That you talk to the most? Why? Jerrod and Shawna because Jerrod’s my boyfriend and Shawna lives with me.
5. That you think are great role models? Why? my grandmothers, I live with Gramma and she always does great things for her family. My great grandmother, Grandma Neva is currently 92 (I think that’s right) and she’s still spunky and has great stories and understands young people which is not always common in someone so mature in years.


What’s in a Name?

Tuesday Twosome!

1. What is your middle name and what does it mean? my middle name is Kay, and it is a derivitive of Katherine, meaning “pure”

2. What are your favorite boy and girl names? my favorite boy’s name is Theodore Gilbert, for girls I like Genevieve and Winnifred

3. What are your least favorite boy and girl names? I don’t know, probably anything I can’t pronounce

4. If you could change your name, what would it be and why did you choose that name? I wouldn’t change my name, because it is so lovely. Shannon means “small and wise” and my middle name, Kay is “pure”, and my last name means “by the cross” but if I had to change, say, my last name, my first choice is Blythe.

5. What two nicknames are you most often called? I haven’t really been nicknamed much, so maybe, like, Shan and Sha-shan.