Pink Linux Box: Part 4

So I decided that I need to do the stencil in 2 parts, so here I am doing the S part of it on the side of the case.

Stencil Ready

Stencil Sprayed

Success! not perfect, but I think it looks pretty good.

I waited for the stencil to dry and did one on the top too.

I taped it down more this time and I think I actually got a little more under the edges. I think it was the angle, though. I’m not very tall.

I think it’ll still look good once I get the border part on, though. I may also go over it with the original color to clean up some of the spots that the light pink got through.

And I did actually have to put on some sunblock to go outside and paint, because it’s 100 degrees outside on our patio.


Pink Linux Box: Part 3

here’s the second coat on my case:

the lighting’s different though, it’s cloudier today.

Okay, here’s my younger sister drawing a stencil for me. I brought out a shirt for her to use as a guide.

here it is finished, and there I am trying to cut it out

I started thinking about it too much and confused myself about where I needed to cut out so I had to stop and take a break


Pink Linux Box: Part 2

First coat of pink!

I’m going to let it dry, probably overnight, and then see if it needs another coat(it probably will, especially on the sides). Then I plan on using a glossy top coat. I’m trying to think of something good to put in the case badge spot. Any suggestions?


Pink Linux Box: Part 1

I’ve been wanting to put together a linux box for a while, and I’ve finally collected enough spare parts to do it. I decided to spice up the plain beige case I snagged from my uncle by also making this my first pink P.C.

Yes, I am a girl. 🙂

So, here’s the case I’m starting out with. Just a plain beige case, but pretty nice.

One of the main things that I was confused about was how to get the front off of my DVD drive so that I could paint it. Thanks to the helpful forum members, I figured it out without much trouble after the tip that you need to open the drive

Here are my primered components
<img src="

Next stop, pink paint!

Fandom Journal

Titanic: Adventure Out of Time

Last night I was going through a box of old stuff, and I found, not only a Titanic calendar for 1999 and my Titanic Poster Book, but my copy of the great old Titanic Computer game, Titanic: Adventure Out of Time. Yes, this was the game where you got to walk around the Titanic and everything.

I’ve ripped the two discs to my computer as ISOs so I won’t lose the discs or anything, and I plan on scanning the art/instructions that are on the cardboard envelope thing the game was in. I got this game like 8 years ago, so it will be interesting to see how it looks now. Now if I could only find my Titanic dinner music CD…

Journal Online

Some Website Recs

I’ve been joining more and more “web2.0” sites lately, and there are a few newish ones or ones I’ve just recently started using alot that I’d like to mention.

First of all, there’s Birthday Forever. This is especially important since my birthday is coming up in about a month!

It gives you countdown graphics to your next birthday like these:
Birthday Forever
(click to go to my birthday site!)

That alone would’ve been enough for me to use the site, but it also lets you add a wishlist including import from Amazon, add contacts and send them newsletters, and add photos(presumably birthday photos). It even has fun facts about your birthday on the front page.

I’ve also been using Stylehive alot. It’s social bookmarking for shopping! It works similarly to delicious. You put a bookmarklet in your browser, and when you see a product you like at an online store; from purses to furniture to electronics, you just click the bookmarklet and tag it, plus you can pick the picture to represent it and add the price and even send your pick to a friend.

Another I’ve been using lately is I’ve known about it for a while, but what really made me start using it was the mashup site combining it with Pandora, PandoraFM. It tracks the music you listen to and you can find other music that you might like based on what you’ve played. You can also get an output of your recently played songs for your website or forum signature.

Journal Online

Big hard drives coming!

This is one of those posts where you remember the Geek part of my blog’s name. This is definitely something I can’t not blog about.
Engadget Story: Seagate Leaks 750gb barracuda

Yes, that’s right: a 750gb drive! :thDance: I have been waiting rather impatiently for larger capacity drives than 500gb to start coming out. Let’s face it – 500gb just isn’t sufficient for the modern user. This means that we’re not too far from having 1tb and higher drives.


The Cat Has Acne

The cat has acne and the dog got liposuction. What’s wrong here? :thconfused: Timmy, my grandparents’ cat, went to the vet because he had a puffy lip and we found out that he has acne. Their dog Belle went to the vet because she and my uncle’s big yellow lab got into a fight over some ham that was in the backyard for some reason, and Belle got a cut on her side. When she came home all cleaned up and bandaged I was told that she got liposuction. What? I didn’t know they did that to dogs. And it wasn’t like she was fat. I guess it had something to do with healing.

Also, I left my cell phone in the pocket of a hoodie I borrowed from my sister at my parents’ house, and my sister had already put it through the washing machine! So my phone is totally dead and my dad is out of town till Saturday, so I can’t get a new one. I have, however decided that I want a really good internet phone.


He Could Help Us

But supposing God became a man – suppose our human nature which can suffer and die was amalgamated with God’s nature in one person – then that person could help us. He could surrender His will, and suffer and die, because He was man; and He could do it perfectly because He was God. You and I can go through this process only if God does it in us; but God can only do it if He becomes man. Our attempts at this dying will succeed only if we men share in God’s dying, just as our thinking can succeed only because it is a drop out of the ocean of His intelligence: but we cannot share God’s dying unless God dies; and He cannot die except by being a man. That is the sense in which He pays our debt, and suffers for us what He Himself need not suffer at all.

Graphics Journal

Easter Soundtrack

Easter is coming up pretty soon, so I decided to make an Easter themed mix. There are 18 tracks with cover and back art.