Finally Fall

The calendar may not agree with me, but it’s September, it’s after Labor Day, and the kids are back in school. To me, that means it’s fall. Whoever decided when the seasons start is in my opinion wrong anyway. I mean, they don’t start winter until like December 21st, only a few days before Christmas. I’ve been looking forward to fall because it was such a busy summer, and it was so hot. Although I rarely associate weather with seasons, it has gotten alot cooler than it was in about July.

So I say, it’s fall. I am having trouble, though, making/choosing a new desktop wallpaper for my computer. I have a recently acquired and beautiful 20.1? widescreen LCD at 1680×1050 beautiful pixels. I just don’t like anything I’ve made so far and can’t decide what I want.

Also, I want to watch “back to school” themed movies or tv shows. I’ve already watched Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade. What other good back to school type movies are there? I am considering Sky High. I also listened to the audiobook version of the Beverly Cleary book Ellen Tebbits the other day, a book that my first grade teacher read to the class, and it was just delightful.