This is how slow the traffic was on the way home today. I…

This is how slow the traffic was on the way home today. I actually had time to pull out my camera and take a couple of pictures. I even changed some settings.

Don’t worry, though I was technically driving, I was completely stopped when I did this.


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On this day in 1898, the first American car is sold. What kind of car do you drive? What is your dream car
I drive a 1992 isuzu amigo, which is black. It’s manual transmission. It used to belong to my uncle. It currently has a flat tire. My dream car is a mini cooper. Those things are so cute, and I got to test drive one once, and it was really fun. They’re the kind of thing that looks like I’d want it in a bunch of colors, like shoes. Of course, ideally I’d love a pink one, that’d be really cute, but of the colors they come in I’d choose the electric blue. Fun, fun.