My First Slippers

I finished crocheting my first pair of slippers last night. After weeks of crocheting for gifts, this is the first thing I’ve crocheted for myself since the first few experimental projects. So it’s the first good thing I’ve made for myself. I finished them in two nights of crocheting casually.


20091230-IMG_2896 20091230-IMG_2895

I used this pattern. I made them in only one color. I also made a regular strap instead of the loop thing and sewed it on instead of using a button. They’re a little loose for me, but they seem “normal” with socks. I think if I make another pair I’ll try going down a hook size or something. I do have smallish feet though. These are my first slippers and I’m pretty happy with them. I’m wearing them right now!


iPod Nano Case with Bow

Case for my cousin’s iPod Nano (4th gen).

This is an original project made to fit a 4th gen iPod Nano. It has a decorative bow on the front and a removable wrist strap. It can also be used to affix the case to a belt loop or something.

This case was designed for my 14-year-old cousin as a Christmas present.


iPod touch Cozy/Case with pocket

Cozy/case for almost-13 year old cousin. She is getting an iPod touch for Christmas.

I looked at alot of different patterns for iPod cases, but there was nothing that was what I wanted, so this is an original pattern. I sized it with an iPod touch. My iPhone fits as well.

It has a flap to hold it secure with a hole for the earbuds to plug in as well as a pocket for storing the earbuds. I was considering making a strap also, but once the pocket was on I thought a strap would be too much. Ravelry Project.

I used Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn and a G hook.


Lots of Crochet Projects!

I started crocheting almost a month ago and now I’m crocheting a bunch of gifts for the upcoming birthdays and Christmas.

I made this “cane cozy” for my grandfather’s birthday(Dec 15). It was my first improvised project.

This scarf is my sister’s Christmas present. Her favorite color is Yellow. This is my first scarf. Ravelry Project.

My first “amigurumi” project! I made this cat for my mom’s birthday present(Dec 20). It’s made to resemble her real cat. I was surprised by how quick the pieces were to make. The hardest part was putting everything together. Ravelry Project.

I made this star to go in a Christmas card for my husband’s Granny. Ravelry Project.

These wrist warmers are my mom’s Christmas present. The bamboo yarn I used was my first “fancier” yarn. It’s really soft! Ravelry Project.


Crochet Trivet and Holly

If you saw my post about making my first baby booties for my new soon-to-be cousin, you know I started crocheting recently.


I made this holly ornament for our annual ornament exchange and craft party. This is the ornament I will exchange. I finally got the front loop/back loop thing down with this project. Here’s the project on Ravelry.


I’m planning to give this to my grandma for her birthday, which is December 24. It’s a dishcloth pattern but I’m calling it a trivet. Here’s the project on ravelry.


First Crochet Booties


I made these booties for my aunt Erika’s baby shower for my new little cousin Zachary. It’s my first pair of booties, and also my first finished crochet project. My mom had shown me a few years ago, but I had never made anything but a misshapen square.Gramma made the pom-poms.

I couldn’t remember how to get started so I followed the beginning tutorials in a book and learned the basic stitches. I looked up a video on youtube if I was unclear from the written instructions. Once I had a a long block of all my test stitches I started on my booty pattern. My first try didn’t come out right. The next morning I showed my grandma and though she’s more of a knitter, she was able to clear some things up in the pattern. The second one came out fine, we sewed it up and put on the pom-pom. My next one came out alot bigger than the first, so I had to do it again and that one matched.

I didn’t tell my mom I had made them until Erika opened them at the shower, and she was really surprised.

I’m hoping to make some Christmas presents by crochet.