I’ve Got Gmail!

woohoo! after reading an article on Geek News Central I checked out the gmail swap website, particularly the Checking for invites page. This section jumped out at me;

Update: 20/05/04. If you’re a Blogger user, you may have the chance to join Gmail, or to distribute invitations. While this feature initially went away after the Blogger redesign, tonight, it’s back! If you are an “active” blogger user, login and then look on the right side above the Blogger Help box. If there’s a little square with the title “Want Gmail?”, you’re in luck! Register for a Gmail account, or else hold off and use the opportunity to swap with one of our supplicants.

I have a blogger account I use to test my blog templates with blogger coding, so I logged in and sure enough! I’ve only just logged in, and it looks super-cool. So, if you’re a blogger user, check for an invitation, and if you don’t want to use it, there are tons of geeky people ravenous for one! If you want to give your invite to someone, don’t click the link, right-click and select “save target as” to copy it to your clipboard. Paste it and send to your lucky friend. 🙂

I have Gmail. I am so happy… 🙂