Lots of Crochet Projects!

I started crocheting almost a month ago and now I’m crocheting a bunch of gifts for the upcoming birthdays and Christmas.

I made this “cane cozy” for my grandfather’s birthday(Dec 15). It was my first improvised project.

This scarf is my sister’s Christmas present. Her favorite color is Yellow. This is my first scarf. Ravelry Project.

My first “amigurumi” project! I made this cat for my mom’s birthday present(Dec 20). It’s made to resemble her real cat. I was surprised by how quick the pieces were to make. The hardest part was putting everything together. Ravelry Project.

I made this star to go in a Christmas card for my husband’s Granny. Ravelry Project.

These wrist warmers are my mom’s Christmas present. The bamboo yarn I used was my first “fancier” yarn. It’s really soft! Ravelry Project.


The Gift

I know you were all wondering what it is that Jerrod gave me. It was the gift with all the confusing clues;
it is pink
part of it is plastic
it is imported
from japan

it is kind of like a dollhouse
well, here is what I got…
Image Hosted by
I didn’t quite understand what it was at first, but it is, indeed, an animal crossing toy. I now realize how very close I was when I asked if it was a polly pocket. It’s quite cute, though. In cas you don’t know, Animal Crossing is a game for the GameCube. I was also given an Insomiac shirt, which I donned yesterday
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And, of course, we had quite a time at the Aquarium. My favorites are the sea otters and the sea lions, and I talked about how I wanted to adopt one and become an aquarium member some day. That would be fun.