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Disneyland with Amy

Amy has been living in Washington DC for several months now, trying to make her dream job come true. She visited us for the weekend and of course one of the days was Disneyland day! Guinevere and I arrived just as the rest of the group were getting on the Dumbo ride. I was able to pass her over to Grandpa and she got to ride with Grammy, no waiting!


We went to wait in line to meet Rapunzel and while we waited, Pinochio came and stood nearby to greet guests. Holly, Amy, Guinevere and I went to take a picture with him while my parents and Melodee waited in the Rapunzel line.


We met Rapunzel soon after and Guinevere did a great job.

She loved getting to see both Aunties while she waited.

We had lunch in Frontierland at the Stage Door Cafe and Holly and Amy’s friend Kristin joined us. We all love Kristin and she loves playing with Guinevere. We rode Pirates which Guinevere was very interested in, then went to wait for the parade.
20130419-0011 20130419-0010

My mom got us Dole Pineapple Whips while we waited, a favorite treat!
20130419-0084 20130419-0097

Guinevere had everyone in hysterics as she sang and danced along with the Soundsational Parade.

After the parade we went on the Storybook Land ride and the Carousel.

And we tried to wake up Figaro, but he wouldn’t wake!

We ended the day taking group pictures in front of the castle.
20130419-0156 20130419-0163 20130419-0167


Photo Friday

Guinevere and my blowing hair.

Guinevere holds onto the stroller as we go shopping.

Eating carrots

At Disneyland which has it’s fall decor up.

Dumbo ride at Disneyland

life rearranged

Home Journal

Super Baby

IMG_2063 IMG_2110

Her Batgirl and Supergirl outfits respectively. 16 weeks old.

Home Journal

Guinevere 3 Months Old

Time flies and I still haven’t figured out how to do things I used to do, but when I’m holding my little baby, I don’t seem to mind. I do want time to myself, but I don’t want to waste my time with her. I just know that she’s going to grow up so fast! She’s 15 weeks old now. So what’s happened lately?

My birthday and her first trip to Disneyland

Her second trip to Disneyland, first time on Pirates! Jerrod’s mom was visiting.

Father’s Day

Guinevere’s three months old!

Here she is with my 3 year old cousin on my sister’s birthday.

Guinevere’s first 4th of July!


Baby Pending

So I had my nonstress test this morning and due to her lateness and my relative readiness they sent me right over to be induced.

I’m in my room now and on a pitocin drip. The midwife checked me and swept my membranes, taking me from 2 to 3cm dilated. I am having contractions but they don’t hurt yet, they’re just uncomfortable. I was apparently having them before but I just thought it was the baby moving and pressing up against me. Jerrod has learned to read the machine.

I have been praying for the right caretakers and when I told my nurse that my dad works at Biola she said that her son went there and is now at Talbot. She also told me that she always prays for her patients before work, so pretty good.

Now I’m just trying to rest.

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