Our New Table!

We got our new dining room table! We picked it up at Pottery Barn on wednesday, put it together, AND had dinner on it.

Here it is;
New Table!

It’s the Metropolitan Dining Table in black from Pottery Barn. It sits six and has a leaf which can expand it to seating eight. The chairs are Ingolf chairs from Ikea in black, with Ritva cushions in white from Ikea. I think it looks and feels great!

New Table! New Table! New Table! New Table! New Table!


Bathroom Colors

 I’ve previously posted my inspiration boards for wedding colors and kitchen colors. Here is my inspiration for my bathroom colors – pink and navy!

Bathroom Colors - Pink and Navy

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Pink and Brown

Last week I took the train up to San Luis Obispo where my best childhood friend has been living for school and from there we drove to her Oregon to stay with her great aunt for a few days. It was a fun trip visiting a new place with no sales tax. Then we drove back and I took the train home early the next morning.

I knew we were getting new carpet when I was gone so before I left, I had to get everything out of my room before I left.

I had a class that night the day I got back.

I had asked my mom if she could paint an old dresser that was in my parents’ garage for me while I was gone, and she surprised me by painting my room. She did it in pink and brown with three of the walls painted tan, and the wall with the window in a soft pink. It’s kind of neopolitan ice cream colors. The carpet is a nice neutral sort of beige color. they had also moved my bed under the window but otherwise the room was still pretty much empty.

So of course, the rest of the weekend was spent planning where things in my room would go; I went all out with scale diagrams and everything, and I needed window coverings so I was looking at those and the dresser wasn’t done being painted, etc.

So anyway, today I got clothes in the dresser and books on the shelf. I’m still putting things away and going through things. They’re basically in groups of keep, ebay, yard sale, give away, or toss.

I’ll try to post pictures of my room when it’s done.

I also started classes this week and they were all online, but required a first class meeting.



So, I’ve spruced a bit. I actually fixed the Archives so that the new ones are linked. I changed my mood theme to a nice Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants one. I added Gravatar support on comments. Gravatar is Globally Recognized avatar. It’s pretty neat as far as I’ve tried it. Set your own at I can imagine alot of sites supporting them soon. I tested mine and it works perfectly. You just put in the same email address you signed up with, and there you go. I also added some more fun smilies, of animals and characters and stuff. We’re also doing some sprucing at home now too. My grandmother has decided to get new carpet for the bedrooms. This is good, seeing as the carpet is 30 years old, green, and shag. I have a large rug over mine, so you don’t see most of it. This means, however that I have to clean my room and we’re going to have to take everything out. This is very overwhelming, as my room is small but packed with my bookshelves, tv, bed, desk, etc. However this also means that I’ll get to finally move in that other dresser that I’ve been thinking about. It’s sitting in my parents’ garage and it’s really long and white. I’d like to paint it and put it under my window and then I could set my tv and stuff on top of it where it is now, but more stable. Then I could move my DVD shelf over where the not very functional(drawers don’t open and close well) dresser is. Could I put my minifridge there too? I’m not sure. Maybe I need some sort of organizer thing there which would put a shelf over and stuff. There is much to consider.