[Fanvid] Narnia – Be My Escape

This is a video I’ve been wanting to make since, like, before the first movie came out. All from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. My first HD video!

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Download: HDMediumiPhone/iPod
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Song: Be My Escape
Artist: Relient K
Characters/Pairings: It mostly features the Pevensies and Aslan, but there are some other Narnians as well, such as Mr. Tumnus.


As we, who are in the Shadowlands say…

“There was a real railway accident,” said Aslan softly. “Your father and mother and all of you are – as you used to call it in the Shadowlands – dead. The term is over: the holidays have begun. The dream is ended: this is the morning.”

And as He spoke He no longer looked to them like a lion; but
the things that began to happen after that were so great and
beautiful that I cannot write them. And for us this is the
end of all the stories, and we can most truly say that they
all lived happily ever after. But for them it was only the
beginning of the real story. All their life in this world
and all their adventures in Narnia had only been the cover
and the title page: now at last they were beginning Chapter
One of the Great Story which no one on earth has read: which
goes on forever: in which every chapter is better than the
one before.

This afternoon, my great grandmother, known to us as Grandma Neva passed away. She was 93 years old. This morning we learned that she had had a heart attack and was in the hospital. She lives in Iowa so that’s pretty far from us. My great uncle went to her, as he lives in Minnesota. I recieved no news all day, and assumed no news was good news, which turned out to be accurate. A couple of hours ago, around 6:00 maybe, my grandmother told me that Neva had passed. I hugged her and went back into my room where I cried and pulled books from my shelf. My Bible first, then a slight panic attack when I couldn’t find my copy of The Last Battle, then the pulling of my Daily C.S. Lewis book.


Going Wild

I was just listening to my Narnia audiobooks while I was working on some things, and I noticed this passage.

“Wouldn’t it be dreadful if some day, in our own world, at home, men started going wild inside, like the animals here, and still looked like men, so you’d never know which were which?” – Lucy, Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis

It jumped out at me so, that I remembered another passage further on in the series, that is related.

What followed was rather horrible. Tirian felt quite certain (and so did the others) that the Cat was trying to say something: but nothing came out of his mouth except the ordinary, ugly cat-noises you might hear from any angry or frightened old Tom in a backyard in England. And the longer he caterwauled the less like a Talking Beast he looked. Uneasy whimperings and little sharp squeals broke out from among the other Animals.

“Look, look!” said the voice of the Bear. “It can’t talk. It has forgotten how to talk! It has gone back to being a dumb beast. Look at its face.” Everyone saw that it was true. And then the greatest terror of all fell upon those Narnians. For every one of them had been taught – when it was only a chick or a puppy or a cub – how Aslan at the beginning of the world had turned the beasts of Narnia into Talking Beasts and warned them that if they weren’t good they might one day be turned back again and be like the poor witless animals one meets in other countries. – The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis


Dummies invade Narnia

I recently recieved this memo in refference to a book we recently became aware of.

From: Bartholemew Wiggins
To: The Lord High Dragon
Subject: Dummies in Narnia
1. It has been reported to me by the Sheriff of Narnia that Dummies have been arriving on tourist buses carrying a guide titled “Dummies Guide to Narnia.”
2. Since the aforementioned dummies did not have the necessary Visa’s they have been put on the buses and sent back to the port of entry, Cair Paravel on the Eastern Sea.
3. Our own security forces in SpareOom, consisting of the constabulary forces: Terwilliger Turtle (chief jailer), Reginald Rat (keeper of the keys), and Constable Blishimer Bilge, a Swamprat of legendary ability (too bad he doesn’t have much real ability) have been told to standdown.
4. SpareOom Homeland Security consisting currently of a single talking Toad with an office has been forwarded this memo. We are on the lookout for the sequel which could be quite dangerous: “The Dummies’ Guide to SpareOom” — should this come out we might be receiving unwelcome visitors. On the bright side, some of them may be edible.
5. We have some notification from High Town that buses can sometimes pop right up out of the ground through pores or something. Seems unlikely but one never knows. Make a not of this Garnish. (note to dragon: Garnish is the talking Toad that you appointed to head the SpareOom Homeland Security office — I only met him last week.)
6. I await your attention to this matter and direction as to the security preparations which should be undertaken.
Yours very sincerely,
Bartholemew Wiggins
Talking Bear
Secretary to the Lord High Dragon



we went to the zoo yesterday. I’m trying to decide what stuff I’m going to put on this site. I mean, I’ve got the board, and store and whatnot. I think I’m going to put up some of the tutorials I’ve previously written and have saved somewhere. links to stuff. I’m not sure what else.

we went to the zoo yesterday. we saw prarie dogs and little monkeys and these pretty kind of long necked gazelles and kangaroos and sea lions and meerkats and giraffes and an elephant and best of all, lions. there was a male and female lion lying there and the male lion was facing us. I had my narnia radio plays playing in my car again, and it had just finished the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. I was imagining the scene where Aslan leaps on the White Witch. The scene where the children were seeing them together, the golden face, and the dead white face. the contrast. and then I was thinking of the 2nd Chapter of Acts Narnia song, I’ve Heard The Stars Sing Before. That’s such a neat song. I love the part where it goes “so lay down your life and recieve His and live!” it’s so cool. It feels like a battle cry.

Jerrod started at Insomniac today. he text messaged me and it seems like he likes it alot. And he’s getting to work on one of his favorite games’ sequels.

also, see my new Felicite wishlist here