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Baby Things

We went baby shopping today. My aunt Melodee works at a baby store called Bergstroms, so we went with her and my mom to look at some of the bigger items we’ll need. We’re not ordering a crib yet since we’re still living with my grandmother. We are getting this cradle, the Chloe cradle in white. I already have the KidsLine Rapunzel bedding for the cradle.

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I had already decided about the cradle, but we hadn’t actually seen it in person, so we looked at it. We really needed to look at and try the strollers and car seats. I had a few in mind to look at and we ended up both liking the same one best. We’re getting the Bumbleride Flyer and I picked the Vita color scheme.


It lies down flat for when she’s tiny and the foot rest thing folds up so I don’t even feel like I’ll need the bassinet attachment. The handlebar swivels so the baby can face me or face front, and it’s pretty easy to fold and unfold. The stroller goes to 45 pounds, so that should pretty much last until she doesn’t need a stroller anymore. I really like this color scheme because it’s pink on the sides but it’s a nice medium grey where the baby goes. I like that because it’s a good neutral background color which should go well with any outfit Guinevere might be wearing. I don’t like white or black because I think they get messy too easily, plus I think much black is too strong for a baby. I’ve decided that grey is my current neutral of choice.


The car seat we chose is a Baby Trend. It’s not too heavy but goes to 30 pounds or 30 inches long. Jerrod had a really easy time snapping it in and out of the base, and he even strapped the doll into the seat. This is the best color scheme I’ve seen on a car seat. It’s that nice medium grey again and a great purple accent. I can just imagine her going home pictures in this car seat, and how nicely she will stand out against the background.

blinkie by spirits


Birthday = Shopping

Hello there, all. I haven’t blogged in forever. The main reason being my birthday! My 21st birthday was Sunday.

On Saturday, Jerrod came over and I went and got my nails done. We then proceeded to go to South Coast Plaza where we had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe there.

I explored Tiffany, admiring lovely pearls and diamonds. You have to go into Tiffany when there is one there. It’s, like, the law. I browsed with no possibility of buying in high-end stores like Charles David shoes. I love Charles David more than any other fancy shoes, and I think my first expensive shoes would be them. I passed another store with pink sparkly converse, which must be new because I’ve never seen these sparkly ones before, but of course, they didn’t come in my small size. The plain pink converse I was wearing were a kids’ 3. Converse goes by, like, Men’s sizes or something.

After a long day wandering around, and getting freaked out that the snakeskin on a pair of sandals I looked at used to be on an actual snake, I went back to Nordstrom, deciding I wanted a new top and a lipgloss. I ended up picking out two shirts, a nicer lilac top and a pink ribbed tank. I ventured to the MAC counter to pick out a nice new gloss. I started looking at a lipglass display when the lady behind the counter said to me “Those are all flavored.” flavored? neat! and the flavors were good too. I can recommend the MAC lipgloss tasti. The color, flavor, and shine were all great. It was between the strawberry and the berry, but I ended up getting the strawberry.


coding, coding

Well, this morning I met Erin at the very early hour of 8am, at the starbucks by her dad’s house. We talked over double mochas and then we went to Kohl’s which is across the street. It was a fairly successful shopping trip. I found a shoe shopping purse, a supergirl watch and supergirl boyshorts and tank. Then we browsed at Borders but didn’t by anything. Apparently the new Sophie Kinsella book comes out tomorrow.
Also, I didn’t blog all day until now because I decided that I wanted to start using wordpress in my blog, rather than fusion news which is what I currently use, if you wanted to know. I installed it and all, but I got so confused about the template system, that I decided to stick with this for now. I think I’m still going to dabble in it, and maybe one day I’ll move to it. But I do realize how much I enjoy the flexibility of this script. it’s really very nice.

Monday Madness!
1. What was your favorite TV show as a child? my favorite children’s show was probably Mr. Roger’s but I think my favorite show in childhood was Full House

2. What show did you hate? I can’t remember any show that I hated, but then if I didn’t like it I probably didn’t watch it.

3. What show did your family gather around the TV to watch? hmm. I guess Lois and Clark, though that was more when I was jr high age

4. What show is currently your favorite? Smallville

5. What show do you hate now? pretty much all reality shows, especially those involving high school or someone getting married at the end, and, like, charmed. I don’t watch charmed of course, but just the opening and the trailers irk me.