Want to worship my twig? Umm, no thanks…

Today is St. Patrick’s Day. I was just thinking today about a Veggietales video I saw a while ago. There was a short cartoon on Sumo of the Opera about St. Patrick’s Day. It was done in this cute 2-D sort of style. A bit like a flannel board, except that things moved. Anyway, it told the story of St. Patrick and how as a young boy he was kidnapped from England by pirates and sold to slavery in Ireland, where he encountered Druids. Druids, of course, worship trees(I realize that is the short explaination). The cartoon went on to tell how he escaped and studied and became a Priest and dreamed that Ireland was calling him and he eventually went back and shared Christianity with the Irish. He used a shamrock(three leaves) to illustrate the Trinity to the people. This makes me wonder why the four-leafed clover is supposed to be so lucky. This goes back to my daily reminder to myself; I’ll take the grace of God over luck any day. At any rate, I was glad to learn that St. Patrick was essentially a missionary. It is my belief that sharing Christ with people is one of the best things that we can celebrate.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

This morning I went to babysit at church, and James’ mom said she was going to put them in the 2’s+ room. I stayed to wait and see if Aaron would come, and then one of the other ladies came in and said Sareina was alone in the other room, so would I come over there with my kids? Okay, so I went over and Aaron came late as usual. It was a bit of an adventure with the little guys and the bigger kids, especially when we took them to the playground. We had quite a time keeping the small ones away from the swinging kids, and for some reason James started crying and wanted to be held about three quarters of the way through.

I was going to go see Jerrod for lunch today, and take pictures of buying his game and whatnot, but I called him on my way home from babysitting and the store doesn’t have his game yet. *sigh* so I got a quizno’s sandwich on the way home. But, he said some of the stores said they might have it later, so I might go for dinner.