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R/T Animations

I’m loving this ship right now! Here are some animations from The Metamorphosis. 6 total! You may use these in your own icons/banners with credit.


Hallelujah! She’s Dead!

At about 7:30 this evening, my aunt Tana who lives in Wisconsin called me saying “do you want to know what happens on The O.C. tonight?” I was like “I don’t know, do I?” So she said “I’m not sure if it’s really happening… but Marissa dies.” so of course I replied with an “I totally wanted to know that!”.

Of course I was very excited and tried to call my sister immediately. When she didn’t pick up I called my parents’ house and they told me she was at a school play, so I had to text her. I went over to my parents’ house to watch it with my sister when she came home. I eventually got a text reply from my sister saying “OMG finally”. My mom doesn’t watch The O.C. but I told her about the Marissa death anyway. When I told my mom how Mischa is from the East Coast and so Marissa sounds wrong and explained how she says “orange”(like awrange), my mom was greatly disturbed and said “I bet she doesn’t even know the secret handshake!” My mom watched the death scene with us so she could bond with Tana too. She was really good with predictions. First she shot that Marissa should be thrown from the car and then she said that the car would burst into flames, which kind of happened except that Marissa was not still inside. It was great how they played the Hallelujah song during the death scene. I know it’s a saddish sounding song, but Hallelujah means “Praise God!”. That’s about right. “Praise God, she’s dead!”. I just hope she stays that way and this isn’t some sort of sham. The real tragedy is that the car that Ryan’s mom gave him is totaled.


Seth and Summer start with S

Monday Madness!
Pick a letter; any letter………Got one?
I choose S
Ok, for the following questions, each of your answers must begin with the letter you chose…….Have fun!! =)

1. If you were limited to 3 things to pack for an overnight trip, what would you pack? okay, shoes, sweatshirt, and snacks
2. What 3 things would you pack in your picnic basket? sandwiches, smoothies, and strawberries
3. What are 3 things you’d rather do than go to work? sleep, sing, and sew
4. Name 1 song. Softly and Tenderly
5. Name 1 movie. Singing in the Rain

I think Monday Madness is my favorite meme. I, like, never miss it. okay, I’m so excited. The new O.C. episode is coming on tonight on ctv and I can’t wait to download it. I got my sister Amy addicted to it last week. She watched the new episode with me wednesday night, and she loved it, so then we had a marathon the next day, and stayed up all night watching every episode. We even developed a special theme song dance. It was totally great.

On Sunday I went to the new 20s group that started this week at the church. it was pretty neat. I’m going to the Bible study tonight and we’re going to have alot of hanging out on Friday nights which will be good as well.



So, the new O.C. episode came on in Canada last night, so of course I had to download it. I went to sleep last night with it downloading, and I woke up around 6:30 and was about to go back to sleep like I normally would when I remembered that my episode would be done, so I sprang up and checked my torrent client. sure enough, it was downloaded and seeding happily. so I pulled my pink fleece blanket off of my bed, and opened up my video player of choice. I watched excitedly for several minutes, when I realized that I really wanted to screen cap it right away, so I paused and set a new folder for the caps, and started watching it over. It was a good episode, It was really funny, and Jimmy was particularly great.
Favorite Quotes from the episode;
good thing I had my camera phone, they are the autograph of the 21st century
he saved middle earth, that is, like a huge part of European history
actually, I really want to put that last one in my fanforum sig, but I don’t know if I should until the episode has aired in the U.S.

Tuesday Twosome
1. “pop” or “soda”? definitely soda. no question.

2. chocolate or vanilla? chocolate. the darker the better.

3. potato or rice? hmm, rice, I think

4. coffee or tea? coffee most of the time, though I do like tea

5. cell phone or email? this is probably the hardest question on here. I mean, I love both so much. I use them both so much. I don’t think I can choose!