This is how slow the traffic was on the way home today. I…

This is how slow the traffic was on the way home today. I actually had time to pull out my camera and take a couple of pictures. I even changed some settings.

Don’t worry, though I was technically driving, I was completely stopped when I did this.


Monday Monday

Last night I had to pick my dad up from the Ontario airport. Okay, so I’m driving there, and on the other side of the 57(southbound, as I was going north) there’s this huge gnarley crash. There were so many lights, at first I thought there must be construction or they were filming something. It was an accident. there was a car turned over, it was all the way upside down, and several fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars, and some people walking around talking to the police, and it looked like that whole side of the freeway was stopped. We went around a different way coming home.

His plane was supposed to be there at 11, but it got delayed, and it ended up being more like 12:30. So I got there at 12:30, and my dad told me not to park, just drive around again if he wasn’t there yet. So I get to the airport at 12:33, having made excellent time. I got there in less than 30 minutes. He isn’t there yet, so I drive around in a circle. still not there. I tune in a radio station I remembered that you can get here, but not where I live, Air1 and enjoy some Newsboys while I make about 5 more circles. Coming up on my next circle, my dad calls me and says they’re on the ground, but just waiting for something to move out of the way so they can get off the plane. I make the slowest circle possible, and let about 5 people go across the crosswalk in front of me, and he still isn’t there. I’m about ten feet away from the crosswalk when my dad calls me and tells me to stay right there, he’s behind me. so I stop, and he hurries and gets in the car. Finally.