Disneyland Photography

Thor at Disneyland!

We saw Thor at Disneyland this week. He started off with this fun introduction.

Then I got to take a picture with him.

20131106-0168Guinevere would not go up to him! This is not terribly surprising since he is pretty intimidating looking. We waited until everyone had finished and watched. Guinevere expressed interest in his cape. She said she had a pink cape and a blue cape. We tried to go up to him after everyone else had met him, but she still wouldn’t leave the stroller. Oh, well!



Guinevere’s First Christmas

Christmas Eve was spent at church and Gramma’s house.

Here’s some video of Guinevere opening her stocking and presents.


Jerrod’s Birthday

Yesterday was Jerrod’s 27th birthday. Since Disneyland is having the free ticket on your birthday promotion and I have an Annual Pass, we went to Disneyland. We had some lunch at Del Taco before Disneyland.

jerrodputman: About to head out with @shannonkay to have lunch and go to Disneyland for a few hours. Space Mountain, here I come!1:36 PM Aug 8th from Tweetie
shannonkay: On our way to Disneyland for @jerrodputman‘s birthday2:13 PM Aug 8th from Tweetie


jerrodputman: We’re in. Space Mountain here we come! 3:03 PM Aug 8th from Tweetie



Our Wedding in Pictures

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