iTunes tips

I’ve noticed alot of things ripped at 128kbps m4a, and even some people saying their itunes will only do aac. For those that weren’t aware, here is how you change the ripping options. In iTunes, go to Edit/Preferences, click the advanced tab. Click the “Importing” tab. Here are all the options. Encode Using: is the format. AAC is the default format, and the encoder that gives you the m4a files. You will also see MP3 and some others. The thing I really recommend changing is the “setting” which determines the quality and bitrate. You can do this with either AAC or MP3 as the encoder. Go to “custom” in the Setting dropdown box. Stereo Bitrate is what you want to change. I recommend at least 192 for most music, but you can go all the way up to 320 if you like(of course this would increase the file size). Leave “Sample Rate” and “Channel” to auto. click OK, and you’re done.

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