It’s hard to believe that Christmas 2013 has come and gone. 20131224-0106-EditChristmas Eve family picture at church including both of my sisters. It’s my niece Lane’s first Christmas!

Guinevere’s Christmas Eve pajamas; the Elsa nightgown!

Our tree on Christmas morning. Where’s Baby Jesus?

20131225-0005 He’s hiding in the tree.


Guinevere was not quite awake for her cinnamon roll.20131225-0036
She was excited when we found Baby Jesus! We sang Happy Birthday and read the Christmas story.

Guinevere, opening her stocking.

She loved the tiny photo books!

She still wants to play with the nativity set, even though she’s just opened these great shoes.


can’t go to the midnight showing

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Stylehive is Social Bookmarking + Shopping

Stylehive is a great newish site, that is social bookmarking for shopping. I use it regularly, and it’s great for when you’re browsing online and see something cool, but you don’t want to buy it right away. You can also share your lists with friends, and see what other people are tagging.

I just use a stylehive bookmarklet and then I can tag whatever I want including it’s picture, price, and whatever tags I want to give it. The front page shows the most recently tagged things, and I’ve found some really cool stuff that I’ve saved there as well. Stylehive is also good for things like shopping for a gift, or saving things you don’t need right now (for me that’s often baby/kid stuff) but might want to find again later when you do need them, or say have a baby shower to go to.

You can also make wishlists from your bookmarks, which is a new feature that I am excited to check out. Anyway, it’s a very cool site and they happen to be having a contest so that whoever invites the most people to join in the month of October gets a shopping spree at some online stores! so if you join, please use my link

You can see my stylehive bookmarks here;

My top tag used on Stylehive is gadget followed by purse. I think that says alot about me.


Getting Interviewed

Robbie does the interview

Originally uploaded by CC Chapman.

Finally, here I am getting interviewed by Robbie from the Teen Podcasters Network. I tell him about The Fangirl Podcast, and what I’m doing at the expo.


Me with Alysia


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Here I am at the Expo with Alysia, one of the PotterCast transcription elves.


Talking with Julien & Chris Brogan

Julien & Chris Brogan

Originally uploaded by CC Chapman.

I attended the podcast expo this weekend in Ontario, California. I did take some pictures, but of course I’m in more pictures taken by other people than by me. So here I am talking with Julien and Chris Brogan


Piratey Quizes

You Are A Privateer!
You Are A Privateer!

What Type Of Swashbuckler Are You?
brought to you by Maddog Varuka & Dawg Brown

My pirate name is:
Calico Charity Bonney

Often indecisive, you can’t even choose a favorite color. You’re apt to follow wherever the wind blows you, just like Calico Jack Rackham, your namesake. You can be a little bit unpredictable, but a pirate’s life is far from full of certainties, so that fits in pretty well. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from

Jagged Johnson from here

Second Mate Esmerelda from here

Eel Skin Amy from here


Talk like a Pirate Day

Ahoy, maties. It be Talk like a Pirate Day. Let’s take some time to review the basic TLAP jargon.

Ahoy! – “Hello!”

Avast! – Stop and give attention. It can be used in a sense of surprise, “Whoa! Get a load of that!” which today makes it more of a “Check it out” or “No way!” or “Get off!”

Aye! – “Why yes, I agree most heartily with everything you just said or did.”

Aye aye! – “I’ll get right on that sir, as soon as my break is over.”

Arrr! – This one is often confused with arrrgh, which is of course the sound you make when you sit on a belaying pin. “Arrr!” can mean, variously, “yes,” “I agree,” “I’m happy,” “I’m enjoying this beer,” “My team is going to win it all,” “I saw that television show, it sucked!” and “That was a clever remark you or I just made.” And those are just a few of the myriad possibilities of Arrr!

Ye should not be forgettin’ to talk like a pirate today.

A fine pirate glossary to aid in yer pirate-talkin’ endeavors
Here be our own English-to-pirate translators
A pirate page translater! Type in the URL of yer favorite site and get it back in pirate talk.
The Digital Skipper – Enter text and get a pirate translation
Users of the WordPress blogging tool can pick up a text-to-pirate filter from Dougal Campbell’s Geek Ramblings blog.
How to talk like a pirate – Tips on th’ finer points o’ th’ art. “this is the final step to pulling it all off. never let anyone question your authority. you’re a blimey pirate!!!!!”


Back in California

I just got back from the midwest last night. The visitation was on Sunday and the funeral was on Monday. When we got to the church on Sunday, there were monarch butterflies everywhere. Grandma Neva loved butterflies.

I made a slideshow of pictures of grandma Neva, one section just from the G. Neva Convention to Blessed Assurance, and then it went to a video my dad took when we were there in July where he asked what she would like to tell her grandchildren, then it went to another section of slideshow of just various pictures of her, older than from this summer, and set it to This is Our Father’s World. Everyone really liked it, and I’m glad I was able to do something to honor her memory.

The message that the pastor gave was beautiful, and I spent some time talking to him while we were at the dinner they had afterwards. He was a great guy and he loved Grandma Neva.

One of the men in the church, the technical sort of guy offered to make copies of the slideshow for the people in the town who wanted one so I gave him my first copy, since I still had the files saved on my laptop so I could just make other copies.

We had to clean out her apartment, and we found all kinds of really cool treasures like her High School graduation picture(1929!) among other very old pictures and notebooks with her jottings and clip-outs. I’ve taken those things home and I plan to archive them digitally. The neighbor, whose name is also Neva, oddly enough, and whose husband is the man who is making DVD copies offered to ship the rest of the photo albums for us, and also the rocking chair which belonged to Grandma Neva’s grandmother. My mom actually had a dream about that rocking chair.

She had beautiful handwriting and we couldn’t bear to throw out anything she had written on. And she wrote on everything. There would be an old envelope with an envelope and a bit of scripture on it.

When we went through her jewelry, I found that there was a locket with a picture of me as a baby in it. I thought that was special, because I didn’t see any lockets with anyone else’s pictures in them.