fixing that computer

Here I am at my parents’ house fixing my sister’s old computer. They finally got their network back up, but this computer is beyond messed up. I’m even having trouble getting it to boot from a windows disc. I cleaned up the startup programs. tons of spyware junk, I’m sure. Then I was finally able to get My Computer open and started to run windows setup.

I reformatted the partition, and am now successfully(so far) installing windows. Sometimes a machine is too far gone to be much helped by running virus and spyware scans and any other thing you could do, and you just have to start over. Reformat. Reinstall the OS.
Here’s a link that has some helpful tips for fixing up a computer:
How to fix Mom’s computer


Perfect notebook and bag found

So, I found the perfect notebook computer that I want for when I go back to school;

it’s the Acer Ferrari 3400 with an AMD 64 3000+ processor and all the other goodies, but not too big and heavy, and best of all it comes in a shiny red carpaint finish.

and, I’ve found the perfect bag for it to go in

it’s perfect. it looks like a nice, normal tote; black suede with pink straps, but it has a nice section that fits a 15″ laptop (like the ferrari).


Processor Land

Today, I was browsing online for what processor I would like to get when I am able to upgrade. As some of you know, I am a total AMD girl. I would love to have an Athlon 64 FX. Super Cool. The coolest processor ever. Unfortunately, it’s like $700. So I think that I would like an Athlon 64, probably a 3200+

Of course, I’d need a new motherboard, but I haven’t decided about that yet. Gotta choose the processor first!