Sidney Bo Bidney

Well, I’ve been watching my 7 year old cousin Sidney the past couple of days. well, nights, really. I took her home and put her to bed and got her up for school in the morning. My uncle went on a business trip for a few days. She’s pretty smart for a 7 year old, but she can also be pretty difficult. She’s very regimented due, I would expect, to living with her engineer father. So this morning I made her waffles the way she likes them and she got up but said she wasn’t hungry, I told her to get dressed, and when dressed she claimed that she still wasn’t hungry. She got her shoes and socks on and brushed her teeth and we left. When we were driving up to her school, right in front of it, on the street, she begins to say “I’m hungry”. Of course. I told her that it was too late, she missed breakfast. We were already in front of the school. She sat there whining for, like, 5 minutes saying that she was hungry before finally getting out and going into school.

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