So, I’ve spruced a bit. I actually fixed the Archives so that the new ones are linked. I changed my mood theme to a nice Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants one. I added Gravatar support on comments. Gravatar is Globally Recognized avatar. It’s pretty neat as far as I’ve tried it. Set your own at I can imagine alot of sites supporting them soon. I tested mine and it works perfectly. You just put in the same email address you signed up with, and there you go. I also added some more fun smilies, of animals and characters and stuff. We’re also doing some sprucing at home now too. My grandmother has decided to get new carpet for the bedrooms. This is good, seeing as the carpet is 30 years old, green, and shag. I have a large rug over mine, so you don’t see most of it. This means, however that I have to clean my room and we’re going to have to take everything out. This is very overwhelming, as my room is small but packed with my bookshelves, tv, bed, desk, etc. However this also means that I’ll get to finally move in that other dresser that I’ve been thinking about. It’s sitting in my parents’ garage and it’s really long and white. I’d like to paint it and put it under my window and then I could set my tv and stuff on top of it where it is now, but more stable. Then I could move my DVD shelf over where the not very functional(drawers don’t open and close well) dresser is. Could I put my minifridge there too? I’m not sure. Maybe I need some sort of organizer thing there which would put a shelf over and stuff. There is much to consider.

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