Tuesday is for Twosomes

Who are the two people…

1. That annoy you the most? Why? decline to state 😉
2. That inspire you the most? Why? hmm. C.S. Lewis because he’s my favorite author and his books never fail to make me cry or turn to scripture or understand something, or help someone else to understand, whether I’m reading a Narnia book or Screwtape Letters. and Fanny Crosby because she wrote over 6,000 hymns and she was the first woman to address congress and a whole bunch of other neat things. You could tell where her priorities were; “To God be the glory, great things He hath done.”
3. That you would love to trade places with? Why? Christy Carlson Ramono because she gets to be Kim Possible and Belle on Broadway. I love the Broadway show of Beauty and the Beast.
4. That you talk to the most? Why? Jerrod and Shawna because Jerrod’s my boyfriend and Shawna lives with me.
5. That you think are great role models? Why? my grandmothers, I live with Gramma and she always does great things for her family. My great grandmother, Grandma Neva is currently 92 (I think that’s right) and she’s still spunky and has great stories and understands young people which is not always common in someone so mature in years.

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