we went to the zoo yesterday. I’m trying to decide what stuff I’m going to put on this site. I mean, I’ve got the board, and store and whatnot. I think I’m going to put up some of the tutorials I’ve previously written and have saved somewhere. links to stuff. I’m not sure what else.

we went to the zoo yesterday. we saw prarie dogs and little monkeys and these pretty kind of long necked gazelles and kangaroos and sea lions and meerkats and giraffes and an elephant and best of all, lions. there was a male and female lion lying there and the male lion was facing us. I had my narnia radio plays playing in my car again, and it had just finished the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. I was imagining the scene where Aslan leaps on the White Witch. The scene where the children were seeing them together, the golden face, and the dead white face. the contrast. and then I was thinking of the 2nd Chapter of Acts Narnia song, I’ve Heard The Stars Sing Before. That’s such a neat song. I love the part where it goes “so lay down your life and recieve His and live!” it’s so cool. It feels like a battle cry.

Jerrod started at Insomniac today. he text messaged me and it seems like he likes it alot. And he’s getting to work on one of his favorite games’ sequels.

also, see my new Felicite wishlist here

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